Past Mission Trips

I’m no novice to the mission field. Here you’ll find some details and photos of previous trips around the world. No trip is alike - even when I revisited countries multiple times. The people are always what make the experience so amazing, and no two mission fields are ever the same.


I went to Haiti once in 2012 and loved the orphan children there so much I went back in 2013. These kids stole my heart and fed my passion for ministry in other countries.


Our large team traveled from Penang, into the jungle in the middle of Malaysia, down to Kuala Lumpur. There were many more adventures, but these were just a few highlights of working with inner city children and the indigenous population.


I spent one year in Muscat, Oman and traveled to Dubai, UAE as well as to Jordan. Here are photos of our “meetings” (or church) we had covertly in hotels and homes. Most of the people who came to us were from India, Singapore, and the Philippines. The risk for openly, or secretly, trying to convert a Muslim was imprisonment.


In 2018 I was blessed to be able to serve in various parts of Honduras with a team I absolutely fell in love with. It was my first mission trip with Heart of the City church and the highlights were definitely the orphanage and special needs school.

If you'd like to donate to my next adventure on the mission field, simply click on this link. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

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