Praying the BE-attitudes, Matthew 5:2-12

Thank you Father for your Word. For sending your Son to teach us your ways. Thank you Lord that I can rest in being poor in Spirit, for the poor in Spirit have obtained the Kingdom of heaven. Help me to know, beyond what my intellect can grasp, how to walk in this humility. Thank you for the freedom to mourn and the blessing you give to those who grieve. Thank you that in my mourning you will comfort me - for you are the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3). Help me to see it so that I can give you glory for it. Father, thank you for the blessing you give to the meek. It's a trait most in this world, especially in my country, scorned and shamed. But you promise the meek will inherit the earth. Those who trust in you, commit their way to you, are quiet before you and wait for you, and do not worry when the wicked run rampant. Lord, I cannot do this on my own, but I thank you for as I pursue you, that you are cultivating this in me. Thank you for the promise that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be satisfied, and the encouragement that those who extend mercy shall receive mercy. Draw these promises to my heart and mind when I face the choice to cling to self or hold fast to you, Jesus. Renew a pure heart in me today Lord so that I may see you. Open my eyes to see ways of being a peacemaker, not a peacekeeper, as I go about my day so that I may walk in the identity you've already given me as your daughter. I choose in this moment to thank you for the persecution I receive for righteousness' sake, because it's to those who are persecuted for righteousness that you have given the kingdom of heaven. I long for this and your presence more than anything else. Thank you for the blessing of your promise, the blessing you give, when others revile me and persecute me and utter all kinds of evil against me falsely on the account of your Son, Jesus. I choose today to rejoice in this because you say my reward is great in heaven. I am but a blade of grass, here today and gone tomorrow, but to you I am a masterpiece far more valuable than anything else you've created (Ephesians 2:10; Matthew 10:31). Thank you for guiding me, for showing me the way in which I was designed to walk as your daughter, for providing me clarity in who I already am to you, and from my state of being what I was designed to do. Thank you Jesus for your love and sacrifice which made this relationship possible. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being a constant guide and companion, a helper who guides my steps. Amen.

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