Here's to 27

This is it. The halfway point between my twenties and my thirties. I’m no longer young enough to party until 3am and wake up at 5am to hit the gym – thank God. But I’m old enough that I get the raised eyebrow when I say I don’t know what kind of job I want – I’m just making ends meet until I can get my indie writing career off the ground.

At 27 you’re supposed to start having a clue about life, start acting like an adult. “Adult-ing” has become a verb – dear God what’s happening to our English language? and in my 27 years here are 27 things I’ve learned.

  1. It really is okay to have that second piece of cake.

  2. Forget the scale and your body fat percentage. Eat healthy, exercise often and you’ll be happier.

  3. When it comes to the person who says he can’t, and the person who says he can, both are usually right.

  4. Never mix your colors when doing laundry – the few times it works isn’t worth the one time it doesn’t.

  5. Feeling a little down? Clean your house – cleaning your living space can feel like cleaning up the yuck inside.

  6. Hydrogen Peroxide gets just about any stain out of anything. Especially wine.

  7. Winning an argument is never more important than being at peace with a loved one.

  8. Your parents actually do know what they’re talking about – most of the time.

  9. You’re never too old to do something silly. Like jump inside of a shopping cart and race around the parking lot.

  10. Your grandparents have far more wisdom than you’ll ever know – listen to their stories.

  11. Never miss a sunset.

  12. Sometimes an anti-depressant is necessary – and that’s okay.

  13. Sometimes digging in the garden is more helpful than any anti-depressant.

  14. Love has about a zillion different meanings, but real love boils down to one word: self-sacrifice.

  15. Hold hands. It doesn’t make you gay.

  16. Laugh as often as possible – even if it’s not all that funny.

  17. Help someone every day – it soothes the soul knowing you’re doing something every day to make the world a little better.

  18. Never miss an opportunity to hug someone for 20+ seconds. Science proves such a hug actually boosts your immune system and increases the flow of endorphins.

  19. Your job should never be the source of your security – one day you won’t have it, and it could be tomorrow.

  20. If you’re driving, one drink is plenty. In fact, better have a soda.

  21. A man who is financially stable and kind to everyone is super attractive.

  22. Pray about EVERYTHING. If you can’t do anything about it, hand it over to God and trust Him to work it out the best way possible. He will.

  23. When you’re single, say “yes” to the crazy things most people will never do. Why not? You’ll get some amazing pictures, gain amazing stories and learn priceless, wonderful things about life.

  24. What you learn in a classroom is only about 25% of your education. The rest happens in the world if you’re willing to learn.

  25. That being said, GO TO COLLEGE. GET THE DEGREE(S). More opportunities open up to you when you do that.

  26. You can fail at you don’t want, so you might as well go after what you do want.

  27. You only get one life, and it could end tomorrow. Spend today MAKING it the life you want rather than dreaming about the life it could be.

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