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I have been in front of an audience to one degree or another since 2006. I started in theater and competed in national Improv competitions as a teenager. In 2007 I joined the Marine Corps where I became a radio DJ in Okinawa, Japan. For three years I had an audience of more than 60,000 people as DJ Sam.I.Am and was voted best DJ in the Pacific in Stars and Stripes magazine in 2010.

In the last ten years I have traveled the world speaking to churches and small group settings on the mission field, I have MC'd for charity events and weddings, as well as in women's ministry gatherings with an audience of hundreds.

Currently I am the trauma and healing department head for a Christian counseling agency in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and am passionate about helping the lost and the hurting reconnect and heal.


If you want a passionate speaker grounded in the truth of God's Word who values and honors every man, woman, and child then check out my speaker information below.

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Speaking Topics

God's Plan for Trauma

When we experience trauma, it can feel as if God was absent, that he let the traumatic experience happen, or even that he orchestrated the event as some kind of punishment. How do we come to Him when this is our perspective? How do we trust a God who is all-powerful but let this horrible event occur? Knowing the truth about God's heart for the traumatized, as well as His divine plan, is critical for the healing process. Without compromising the reality of suffering, I draw attention to God's reaction to trauma and His trustworthiness in the midst of it.

How to Connect with the Hurting

Hurting people hurt people. So how does a loved one connect with the hurting without getting hurt in the process? Is it possible? How do we love like Jesus loves without being overwhelmed by the pain of someone who has been through trauma, and without being taken advantage of in their season of need? Connecting with the hurting requires boundaries, empowerment, and removing one's expectations of what the healing process should look like. I provide practical tools in each of these processes.