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Victim to Victorious: 70 Days of Victorious Living - A Devotional

Learning to live victoriously happens one choice at a time. This devotional will guide you through seventy days of step-by-step victorious living, regardless of your circumstances. With personal stories that will take you around the world, from poverty to wealth, trauma to blessed connection, Samantha Means will guide you in living from victory rather than toward victory.

One day at a time, one question, one application and Bible verse at a time, Samantha Means will assist you on your journey while sharing her own testimonies to bring you encouragement, inspiration and hope. You are not alone, and victory is here.


Victim to Victorious is Samantha Means' first

non-fiction Christian living book.



"This book isn't just a great read. It is Christ inspiring. Choose to be VICTORIOUS his words through out the book light the way."  - J.B


"Very well written and inspirational book! This book is a valuable tool for every Christian because we all fall victim to Satan's snares in life!! Highly recommend it!!" - R. Buck

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